Urgent Care is a practical alternative for unexpected medical concerns that need immediate attention when you can’t be seen by your primary care provider (or currently don’t have one). There are some things that just couldn’t or shouldn’t wait. It is comforting to know that you could see a provider on the same day without an appointment for non-life-threatening but pressing health needs.


While chest pain, head injuries, significant trauma and other life-threatening concerns are best addressed at the Emergency Department, non-life-threatening illnesses like cough and colds, urinary tract infections, ear infections and simple injuries like an ankle sprain, back pain or a possible fracture could be addressed at urgent care.

Solar Urgent Care Is the Best Place for Comprehensive Medical Support and Treatment

Urgent care facilities offer medical and health services, such as lab work, imaging, screenings, immunizations, etc. There’s nothing wrong with seeing a doctor for support or guidance if you’re not comfortable managing your symptoms or health concerns independently. But when it comes to potentially life- or limb-threatening injuries or ailments, the emergency room is the safest place to go and should be your first choice.

Emergency rooms are equipped to handle advanced and severe medical situations, such as heart attacks, head injuries, severe burns, broken bones, gushing wounds, etc. However, your best bet is urgent care when you need medical attention for pressing health concerns or injuries.

Urgent Care Means Convenience, Affordability, and Flexibility

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For some, it’s common practice to put off medical care because of scheduling issues and poor timing—flexibility matters, even for non-life-threatening health concerns. Fortunately, when it comes to pressing medical problems that you can’t ignore, you can count on the physicians and medical staff at our urgent care facilities for the expert and professional level of care you deserve.

At Solar Urgent Care, patients are more than just faces. Our unwavering commitment to them is evident from the first moment they set foot through our doors and continues throughout their time with us. We offer various medical services, including school and sports physicals, occupational health, and more, to make it easier and more convenient for you and your loved ones to stay healthy and lead active lives. We have modern urgent care centers in Oxnard and Ventura so that you can choose the most suitable location for your situation.

Comprehensive Medical Care That Doesn’t Break the Bank

We understand that affordability can be a factor when choosing an appropriate setting for medical treatment. Our medical services are competitively priced and more affordable than most area hospitals and medical centers. We also work with most health insurances and offer flexible payment options for cash patients. At Solar Urgent Care, we base our services on the patient’s individual needs, not their insurance status or ability to pay.

Short Wait Times and Comprehensive Treatment

Our urgent care centers are designed to get patients in and out without compromising the quality of care or services we provide. No appointments are necessary, and we offer low wait times. As our patient, you can expect prompt diagnosis and treatment every visit, so you don’t waste time sitting around waiting to be seen by our staff.

Solar Urgent Care providers and medical staff ensure that each patient receives the in-depth treatment they deserve.

Sometimes, injuries and illnesses need more than just rest and over-the-counter remedies. We offer medical attention so you can access the medicine and care you need to heal or recover as quickly as possible.

The most common types of injuries and ailments we treat include:

  • Aches & Pains
  • Allergies & Asthma
  • Broken Bones
  • Bronchitis
  • Burns
  • Cold & Flu
  • Cuts & Scratches
  • Earaches
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Mono
  • Nausea
  • Cough
  • Pneumonia
  • Pink Eye
  • Rashes
  • School & Sports Physicals
  • Sinusitis
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Strep and Sore Throat
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  • Work-related Injuries
  • X-Rays

If you’re not feeling your best and not sure if you need to see a doctor, stop at our urgent care to find out. We’ll discuss your concerns and symptoms, perform the necessary diagnostics, and do everything possible to ensure you understand your options and treatment recommendations to improve your situation.

Solar Urgent Care provides various medical services for common, everyday health concerns, illnesses, and nonlethal injuries that warrant professional care sooner than later. We understand it’s not necessarily easy or convenient to wait for an appointment. That’s why our doors are always open, and our medical staff is ready to serve you.

Our Doors Are Opensolar urgent care

Solar Urgent Care is here to provide medical care or treatment for minor to serious, non-life threatening conditions or health concerns when you need it most. Our patients receive nothing but the best medical care, no matter the day of the week. We cater to all ages, from infants to seniors.

Solar Urgent Care also offers the following wellness services for maintenance and long-term health needs:

  • Checkups
  • Wellness Physicals
  • Sports Physicals
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • Flu Shots
  • Lab Services
  • STD Testing
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Specialists Referrals
  • Workplace wellness
  • Preventative health screenings

Our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, so we can provide everything you and your family need for optimal healthcare in one place.


At Solar Urgent Care, we believe that we are partners to your health. We take the time to listen and address your concerns because we are committed to delivering safe and effective care with your needs in mind. Whether you’re homegrown in the 805 or visiting Ventura county, you can count on Solar Urgent Care to treat you with the utmost concern for your well-being.

Our two locations are conveniently located in Oxnard (on Rice off the 101) and Ventura (across the street from the Pacific View Mall). Each facility is equipped with X-ray and point-of-care testing for instant results on some tests (like Covid-19, Strep Throat, and Urinalysis). If we can’t do it here, we’ll definitely help you with the next steps.

We also do pre-employment or school-related physicals, DOT Commercial Driver certifications, and occupational health.

We would love to be there for you when you need us, so appointments are not necessary – just walk in anytime during our business hours. We take most health insurances and have a competitive cash pay option.

If you value quality and comprehensive care from healthcare professionals who genuinely care about you, come to Solar Urgent Care.